Production List
Since in 1998 Moi worked on the SPAWN from HBO, USA , we have worked on hunreds of shows for DTV,
TV series from the greatest studios from abroad. And we still keep working with them.
2013 <Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox> DTV, 4℃, JAPAN
<Justice League: Invasion Atlantis> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
<Scooby-Doo & The Scarecrow’s Curse> TV, Warner Bros., USA
<Superman Short> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
<Black Dynamite> TV, Cartoon Network, USA–Pre & Main Production
<Ultimate Spiderman, Season 3> TV, Film Roman, USA
<Hulk & the Agents of Smash, Season 2> TV, Marvel Animation, USA
<Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, Season 2> TV, HASBRO, USA – Pre & Main Production
<Justice League: War> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
2012-2013 <Ultimate Spiderman, Season 2> TV, Film Roman, USA-Main Production
<Hulk and the Agents of Smash> TV, Marvel Animation, USA-Main Production
2012 <Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters >
TV, HASBRO, USA-Preproduction and Main Production
<Superman: The Lost City> DTV, Warner Bros. Animation, USA-Pre & Main Production
<Batman: The Dark Knight Returns2> DTV, Warner Bros. Animation, USA- Main Production

<Kaijudo:Rise of the Duel Masters> TV, HASBRO,
USA-Pre+Main  Production


<Ultimate Spiderman> TV, Film Roman, USA
<Batman:The Dark Knight Returns> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
<Berserk> Movie, 4℃, JAPAN
<Thundercats> TV, 4℃, JAPAN+ Warner Bros., USA

2010-2011 <G.I. Joe: Renegades> TV, HASBRO, USA
<Young Justice League >
TV , Warner Bros, USA
<Batman:Year One>,<Catwoman> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
2010 <All Star SUPERMAN> DTV , Warner Bros, USA
<Young Justice League > TV , Warner Bros, USA, USA- Pre-Production ( storyboard )
2009-2010 <BATMAN/SUPERMAN : Apocalypse> DTV , Warner Bros, USA
<The Boondocks-3rd season> TV, Sony Pictures. USA
2009 <DC Showcase> Warner Bros., USA
<Dante's inferno>
Film Roman, USA
2008-2010 <Stitch> TV, Disney. Japan
2008-2009 <Planet Hulk> DTV, Marvel, USA
<Justice League : Crisis on Earth> DTV , Warner Bros, USA
2008 <The Spectacular Spiderman> TV, Sony Pictures. USA
<BATMAN> TV, Warner Bros., USA
2007-2010 <BATMAN> TV, Warner Bros., USA
2007-2008 <Hulk VS Wolverine>, <Hulk VS Thor> DTV, Marvel. USA
2007 <Lilo & Stitch> Music Video, Disney. Japan – Pre-Production
(Story, SB, X-sheets, Designs for BG & Identical characters, Color Models, Color BGs), Main Production, Illustration for Mobile Service
2006-2007 <Avatar-3rd season> TV, Nickelodeon, USA
<The Boondocks> TV, Sony Pictures. USA
<Legion of Super Hero>
TV, Warner Bros., USA – Pre-Production (SB, Designs for BG, Identical characters & Props)
2006 <Loonatics Unleashed – 2nd season> TV, Warner Bros., USA
Short, Nickelodeon, USA
2005-2006 <Avatar-2nd season> TV, Nickelodeon, USA
2005 <BATMAN – “Batman VS. Dracula”> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
<Loonatics Unleashed – 1st season> TV, Warner Bros., USA
2004-2005 <Justice League Unlimited> TV, Warner Bros., USA
<Avatar – 1st season>
TV, Nickelodeon, USA
TV, Warner Bros., USA
2004 <Futakoi> TV, Telecom Animation Film, Japan
2003-2004 <Sonic X> TV, Tokyo Movie, Japan
2003 <Teen Titans> TV, Warner Bros., USA
<Survive> TV, Telecom Animation Film, Mad House, Japan
2002-2003 <BATMAN – “Mystery of the Batwoman”> DTV, Warner Bros., USA
2001-2004 <Zeta Project>, <Justice League in America> TV, Warner Bros.
2000-2003 <X-Men> TV series, Film Roman, USA
1999-2000 <Men in Black>, <Big Guy> TV, Sony Pictures, USA
1998-1999 <Godzilla> TV, Sony Pictures, USA
1998 <SPAWN> TV, HBO, USA,